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TUFFPAD Rubber Pads Chain on

TUFFPAD Chain on Rubber Pads are extremely wear-resistant and provide excellent traction on any paved surface, enabling your machine to do work almost anywhere.

TUFFPAD heavy duty Rubber Pads allow you to add rubber to steel chains without having to switch to rubber tracks.

All TUFFPADS are manufactured using a high quality rubber compound; providing greater wear-life, crack and cut resistance, reduced noise and increased traction.


Superior 85% Latex Rubber Compound Optimal resistance to sharp objects with reduced wear even in the harshest conditions.

Chrome Dome Nuts Protects Bolt-on bolt ends against thread damage, rust and wear. Also helps with faster removal.

Solid Form Metal Core Strengthened with a heavy duty 4mm metal core. Formed from a single die-cast plate for minimal pad flex and delamination.


+ 4 reasons for choosing TUFFPAD Rubber Pads

1. Easy Installation – With up to 4 bolts per pad, it takes little time to re-fit them to your track chain.

2. Kind to road surfaces – The premium rubber lets you drive on delicate surfaces without the damage normally caused by steel tracks.

3. Low noise and vibration – Noise and vibration are both dramatically reduced.

4. High Durability – Manufactured in Malaysia from premium rubber that provides superior durability in all conditions.

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TUFFPAD Rubber Pads

Switch from steel tracks to rubber fast.


TUFFPAD Rubber Pads

85% natural rubber. Premium quality.