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TUFFTRAC AVRT Anti Vibration Rubber Tracks

With our TUFFTRAC Anti Vibration Rubber Tracks, you can say “Goodbye” to tracking vibration.

TUFFTRAC AVRT feature patented diamond shaped overlapping lugs that provide a continuous roller running-way that reduces tracking vibration by up to 50%. Unlike standard rubber tracks with gaps between lugs, our AVRT tracks overlap, resulting in less vibration, reduced driver fatigue and wear on your machine.

Smoother ride, quieter, more comfortable and cheaper to operate due to reduced wear on machine parts. AVRT is the the most important advancement in excavator rubber track technology. Make the switch today!

+ What are the long term risks caused by excessive vibration.


Whole Body Vibration is known to be associated with spinal conditions such as;
1. Spinal degeneration
2. Disc displacement
3. Lumbar Scoliosis
4. Intervertebral disc disease
5. Herniated discs

As well as disorders of the gastrointestinal system, uro-genital systems, headaches, loss of balance and loss of fine motor skills (co-ordination).

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TUFFTRAC Over Tyre Tracks

Turn your skid steer into a tank.


"Some time ago we fitted your TUFFTRAC AVRT Anti Vibration Rubber Tracks to one of our 3 ton mini excavators.
I was amazed at how they performed in comparison to all other track systems that we have used over the years.
We found them to be much quieter and very smooth on travel. Normally, and particularly on Hi Speed the cabins on mini excavators vibrate and rattle quite severely and you find yourself holding the cabin access handle just to stabilize yourself as you travel. These new tracks have completely eliminated these problems.
Feedback from our clients has been very positive and particularly from a health and safety point of view in relation to extended periods of operating and travelling and operators with back and shoulder complaints from jerky and erratic movement normally experienced with conventional tracks.
We believe that with the control of vibration and the overall performance of these tracks will assist in maintaining less wear and tear on sprockets, idlers and drive motors.
We highly recommend these new tracks and commend TUFFTRAC AVRT for this new system. Well Done!" -
"The first thing I did after fitting my first machine with TUFFTRAC AVRT rubber tracks was to pull my other machine over and fit them with AVRT tracks as well. The standard tracks are just not as smooth and I have a lot less stiffness and fatigue at the end of the day." -
"Thanks for your help regarding my Takeuchi TB135 Excavator with your AVRT Rubber Tracks. We installed the AVRT tracks with ease and found that the “ride” was extremely smooth which was reiterated by the customers who used the machine post installment." -
"Although it has only been a few months since we have fitted the tracks to these two units, the feedback has been extremely positive from operators regarding the reduction in the vibration when tracking." -