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TUFFTYRE Puncture Proof Solid Tyres

Sick and tired of flat tyres and rim roll offs??  Don’t stress, there is an alternative available – now!!

Say Goodbye to flat tyres forever with TUFFTYRE Puncture Proof skid steer / Bobcat solid tyres. With over 10 years of field testing and continuous improvements, our Puncture Proof solid tyres integrate the strength and stability of a solid rubber tyre with the smooth, cushioned ride of a pneumatic tyre.

TUFFTYRE solid skid steer tire has both small and large aperture holes strategically engineered and positioned to provide a soft ride, yet able to carry heavy loads without the worry of the tire collapsing. The Tufftyre flat-proof solid skid steer tire is essential for working in or around scrapyards or demolition sites where tire punctures are inevitable.

In fact, the ROI (return on investment) for the upfront cost of a Tufftyre puncture proof solid skid steer tire far outweighs the downtime cost one will face when dealing with replacing a flat.

Many of our customers are reporting up to 3,500 hours of wear-life in general earthmoving application.  Whilst we cannot promise you this, we can promise no downtime due to flats………ever!!

See below comparison in overall cost between Tufftyre puncture proof and heavy duty pneumatic tyres on a skidsteer – and this doesn’t even factor in the costs of down-time!!

skidsteer solid tyre versus pneumatic tyre comparison


tufftyre dt lug tyre

The most popular pattern, the DT (Dirt Terrain) is designed to perform particularly well in all off-road applications. The deep lugs deliver unrivaled traction, not only in regular dirt but also in  sand and deep mud.  The DT pattern offers the most cushioned ride, very comparable to standard pneumatic tyres.  In fact many customers claim they are even smoother.



at tufftyre solid tyre

The AT’s (All Terrain) tyres are specifically designed to perform well on any terrain, but are particularly good on hard surfaces such as asphalt, pavement, and concrete.

The tread pattern is designed to make more contact with the surface, thus reducing ground pressure and significantly extending the life of the tyre. It is the perfect solid tyre for scrap yards, demolition sites and various tough applications in the mining and earthmoving industries.

It’s the recommended tyre for any on-road work and also a great choice for work in warehouses, convention centres and other indoor job sites.

With TUFFTRAC Puncture Proof tyres you’ll never waste time and money on flats again.

tufftyre solid tyre skidsteer

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TUFFTYRE Puncture Proof

Can you do this with your skid steer?


TUFFTYRE Puncture Proof

Say 'goodbye' to flat tyres forever!