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The Bobcat story starts back in 1958 in North Dakota when Melroe Engineering bought the rights to an innovative three wheeled self-propelled loader.

In 1962, the M-444 4-wheel loader was released, along with the now famous Bobcat branding.  This skid-steer design quickly became very popular and the Bobcat quickly became an international sensation.

In 1986, Bobcat diversified into trenching machines and mini-excavators whilst continuing to develop their now famous skid-steer and track-loaders.

In 1995 Bobcat was acquired by Ingersoll-Rand and then was sold again to Doosan South Korea in 2007.


Some of the Bobcat models we list parts for include:

Excavators:  316,  319,  320,  322,  323,  324,  325,  328,  331,  334,  335,  337,  341,  418,  430,  435,  E26M,  E32M,  E35SR,  E45SR,  E50SR,  E60,  E80SR

Skid-steer loaders:  463,  743,  751,  753,  757,  763,  773,  843,  853,  863,  873,  883,  943,  953,  A220,  A300,  A770,  S100,  S130,  S150,  S160,  S165,  S175,  S185,  S205,  S220,  S250,  S330,  S450,  S510,  S530,  S550,  S570,  S590,  S630,  S650,  S70,  S750,  S850

Track-loaders:  T140,  T180,  T190,  T200,  T250,  T300,  T320,  T630,  T650,  T750,  T770,  T830,  T870


Below is some of the parts we stock to suit your Bobcat.

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