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CAT would have to be the best known brand of construction machinery world wide.  Indeed it would be fair to say that there is a bit of CAT in every major construction project right across the globe.

From humble beginnings in 1905 the original Holt Caterpillar track tractors quickly became popular and by the end of WW1, over 5,000 had been produced for the US military.

By the 1930’s CAT was exporting 1000’s of its tracked tractors across the globe and by WW2 the CAT dozer had become ubiquitous on any major work site.

Today, CAT is the world’s largest producer of earthmoving machinery with an unmatched range stretching from rubber tracked mini-excavators and skid-steers right up to the largest of mining loaders and trucks with everything in between.


Some of the CAT models we list parts for include:

Compact Track Loaders:  259B,  269C,  279C,  279D,  289C,  289D,  299C,  299D

Mini Excavators:  301.4C,  301.5,  301.5CR,  301.6,  301.6C,  301.6D,  301.7D,  301.8,  301.8C,  302.5,  302.5C,  302.7DCR,  303CR,  303CCR,  303.5,  303.5CCR,  303.5DCR,  304,  304CR,  304.5,  304CCR,  304DCR,  305,  305.5,  305CR,  305CCR,  305DCR,  305.5ECR,  307,  307B,  307C,  308B,  308BSR,  308C,  308D,  308ESR

Excavators:  311,  312,  313,  314,  315,  316,  317,  318,  319,  320,  321,  322,  324,  325,  328,  330

Multi Terrain Loaders:  247B,  257B,  267B,  267C,  277B,  277C,  287B,  287C,  297C

Skidsteers:  216,  228,  232,  236,  242,  246,  248,  252,  256,  262,  268,  272


Below is some of the parts we stock to suit your CAT.

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