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Hitachi was the company that made Japan’s first mechanical excavator – a cable operated power shovel back in 1949.  As we well know, since then Japan has become almost synonymous with the excavator.

Hitachi is now considered one of the “big three” manufacturers of construction and mining machinery in the world.

Some of the Hitachi excavators we list parts for include:

EX Series:  EX08,  EX10U,  EX12,  EX15,  EX15U,  EX16,  EX17,  EX17U,  EX18,  EX20U,  EX22,  EX25,  EX27,  EX29U,  EX30,  EX30U,  EX30UR,  EX33U,  EX33MU,  EX35,  EX35U,  EX40,  EX40U,  EX40UR,  EX45,  EX50U,  EX50UR,  EX50URG,  EX55UR,  EX58MU,  EX70U,  EX75UR,  EX75US,  EX80U,  EX100,  EX120,  EX130,  EX135,  EX135UR,  EX150,  EX160,  EX200,  EX210,  EX220,  EX230

ZX Series:  ZX16,  ZX17U,  ZX18,  ZX22,  ZX25U,  ZX27U,  ZX29U,  ZX30U,  ZX35,  ZX35U,  ZX40,  ZX40U,  ZX50,  ZX50U,  ZX55U,  ZX55UR,  ZX60USB,  ZX70,  ZX75UR,  ZX75US,  ZX80SB,  ZX80US,  ZX110,  ZX120,  ZX125US,  ZX130,  ZX135UR,  ZX135US,   ZX160,  ZX180,  ZX200,  ZX210,  ZX225,  ZX230,  ZX250H


Below is some of the parts we stock to suit your Hitachi excavator.

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