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Kobelco is a division of the Kobe Steel company.  Kobelco’s relationship with construction machinery started in 1926 with the construction of a cement plant, followed by Japan’s first electric mining shovel in 1930.

After the company was almost destroyed by bombing in WW2, Kobelco quickly diversified and overseas markets were pursued with the production of hydraulic excavators commencing in 1963 followed by a mini-excavator in 1968.  This long heritage in excavator manufacture strengthens Kobelco’s claim to be the world’s pioneers of excavator development.


Some of the Kobelco models we list parts for include:

SK007,  SK009,  SK09SR,  SK013,  SK015,  SK020,  SK024,  SK025,  SK030,  SK035,  SK042,  SK045,  SK050,  SK13SR,  SK15SR,  SK15MSR,  SK16MSR,  SK17SR,  SK18SR,  SK20SR,  SK25SR,  SK27SR,  SK30SR,  SK30UR, SK35SR,  SK40SR,  SK45SR,  SK50SR,  SK50UR,  SK55SR,  SK55SRX,  SK60,  SK60UR,  SK70SR,  SK75,  SK75SR,  SK75UR,  SK80MSR,  SK85UR,  SK100,  SK115,  SK120,  SK125SR,  SK130,  SK135SR,  SK150,  SK160,  SK170,  SK200,  SK200SR,  SK210,  SK220,  SK235SR,  SK250,  SK260


Below is some of the parts we stock to suit your Kobelco excavator.

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