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Beginning its existence as the Euclid Company of mining dump truck fame, the TEREX name was coined in 1970 from the Latin words “terra” (earth) and “rex” (king) for its construction equipment products due to a court ruling bought about by the monopoly and virtual dominance of the Euclid brand in the off-highway sphere.

TEREX diversified significantly in the coming years, entering the crushing and screening , crane and aerial platform as well as the road building equipment market amongst other things.

In 2006, TEREX bought ASV known for its patented non-metal core rubber track undercarriage and resulting track-loaders.  These have been subsequently re-branded and are now sold under the TEREX branding along with a range of mini-excavators.


Some of the TEREX models we list parts for include:

Skidsteer Loaders: TSR60,  TSV50

Multi Terrain Track Loaders:  PT-30,  PT-50,  PT-60,  PT-80,  PT-100,  PT100G,  SR80

Mini excavators:  HR12,  HR14,  HR1.5,  HR16,  HR1.6,  HR18,  HR2.0,  HR22,  HR32,  HR3.7,  HR5.0,  TC15,  TC16,  TC20,  TC25,  TC35,  TC37,  TC48,  TC50,  TC60,  TC75,  TC125


Below is some of the parts we stock to suit your TEREX.

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